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A while back a fellow at the Naval Academy brought in some twisted Dacron line from Courtland Line, sold as fishing line. He had several diameters from maybe 1/32" right up to 1/8". This stuff would be perfect for models - but Courtland won't get back to me and I haven't been able to find anything but braided anywhere else.

Then I remembered that I used to work for a sail-maker and everything is sewn with dacron thread, tarps, tents, awnings, biminis, sails, and so on. So I ordered some sail thread in black and "oyster" (gray). It arrived today.

So, I've been putting off motorizing my rope-walk and decided to do that today. I used an old cordless drill I found at a thrift-shop for a dollar or two as the drive. It has the same 6 volt motor I used in Pride (Pride's motor came from the same type of drill). I cut off the bits of the case I didn't need, keeping just what was needed to hold the motor and gears. This I screwed to the baseboard and attached the baseboard to the rope-maker head with a pair of knees to hold it. I even drilled a hole to hold the chuck key

A while back I bought a model railroad transformer to power this contraption - so much for that idea. The power pack didn't have the juice to make the drill do more than hum.

Till I figure that out, I commandeered Pride's battery and ran the machine with it.

My first try was with two threads per strand. Everything when fine and a nice tight but flexible line was produced that measured .05 in diameter.

Next I tried 4 threads per strand and that yielded a line .0625 in diameter - precisely 1/16".

I went backwards a bit and tried one thread per strand using the "oyster" colored thread. That netted a precise 1/32" line.

Then I tried 8 threads per strand. That got me to the 1/10" which will do nicely for the shrouds of all three models. It's not quit 1/8" but it looks right.

Now I have to make lengths of about 8 feet for the shrouds. I think that's going to be an outside job.
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