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Bushwheels v2.0

I meant to post this last night but fell asleep

I made a second version of my bush/tundra tires/wheels yesterday from some Du-Bro Super Lite 2" wheels. First let me say that there was nothing really wrong with the T-28 ones... I just decided to take the diameter down a hair and round them off where the "tread" meets the sidewall to look more like the real ones and buggered one of them up making it smaller than I wanted in the process of trying to fix it. My local hobby store didn't have any more in stock so I bought the Du-Bro ones to use as a base to work on.

First, this is how my version 1 Parkzone T-28 tires turned out after I decided to shape them yesterday but wrecked one of them and the left one also ended up smaller trying to fix it...

Name: bushwheels-v1-mod1-1.jpg
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Like I mentioned, my LHS was out of stock on T-28 landing gear to start over... could have bought the Hobbyzone 48" Super Cub wheels and reduced their diameter (same as T-28 wheels but taller) but this particular store was closing right away so I went to a different one and bought these...

Super Lite Wheels - 2" (2)
Name: dub200sl.jpg
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... I bought ones that were larger than what I needed, with the intention to remove the tread and shape them down to what I wanted. If you remove the plastic hub you'll get a much more scale looking bushwheel with a smaller inner hole diameter to mount on smaller hubs... like the real ones

I ran the wheels on my belt sander using a drill bit as an axle and using the sander like a treadmill to spin the wheel while holding another piece of sandpaper against the tire for tread removal and initial shaping which only took about 10 seconds. Then I finalized the shaping just by running them on the belt sander by itself... where just the friction of that finished the tweaking.

(EDIT: you could also mount the wheel in a drill, drill press or rotary tool to spin it while holding a piece of sandpaper against it... I have a couple of ideas on how to do that... one would be before removing the hub, the other would be after.... pm me if you're interested).

The shaping process...

Name: bushwheels-v2-mod1-1.jpg
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And the final result. At first I wasn't sure I was going to like the gray color of the Du-Bro foam, but it's growing on me... looks weathered and more scale. I could take the diameter down a bit so they would look wider, like the real ones, but I think I'll leave them for now. Again, like my version 1.0 tires, I put them on right over the stock Champ wheels/tires for a more scale looking small hub...

Name: bushwheels-v2-mod1-9.jpg
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