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So today is one of those dark cloudy pre summer days in Seattle where its going to rain and rain hard.

I am suffering a bit from a cold so i've been couped up inside today.
I decided to pop in a movie, and get the octo on the table and do some tweaking.
you know the tweaking you know you need to do but are too busy otherwise to do it.

right, so I got my small bubble level out and decided to double check all 8 motors for alignment. I found that 5 were really pretty good, one was nasty tilted to the right and two were tilted to the left.

I've previously reported that 4 of my motors were getting warmer than the other 4, like they were having to work harder.

So after tweaking the mounting bolts for each motor pod, I got all 8 aligned as best I could using the bubble level.

Took it up for a 6 minute test flight and found that she seems even more stable than it did before.

During my test flight, I had 11 sats locked in. I wish I could have grabbed the video cam to take some footage. It did not drift or budge in auto hover mode.

All motors are now pretty much the same temperature after landing.

Moral of the story...if you have really good tracking props, double check your motor alignment and DON"T use the TLAR method for alignment.

Even if you only have 4 motors, get the bubble level out and check to see if your motors are straight up and down. Even a little bit off center will cause some misbehavior like shaking motors, uneven temps, drift and alt and atti hold issues.
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