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Originally Posted by robone View Post
I am the SA Dealer and the person that Andre is talking about.

I have moved my GPS unit back onto the pole and waiting for the weather to get better. The last 2 days the wind have been gusting up to 30Km/hr and today it is raining, so I have not had a chance to test the new angle of the IMU, but let me tell you, if this does not work, then I must have a dud unit (not sure which part).

But this happens (get faulty units), so I will get ZeroUAV to send me another one.

To summarise:

1. It flies extremely well in Manual Mode 1. Best system yet.
2. Altitude hold in Mode 2 is perfect. Also best yet that I have tested. Had an interesting moment last time I flew, I tried to hover at a low altitude (1m) in this mode and suddenly it decided I was not high enough and started to land ...I know, it is built into the system.
3. I cannot get GPS to position hold. Compass is calibrated properly now that the IMU angle is moved off the vertical by +/- 7deg. Still have to fly after this adjustment.

I have just installed a GPS unit on a "no name brand" FC and it works, although not too well, but it holds reasonable position, so I know that there is nothing wrong with my installation skills or Compass Calibration skills.....just in case any of you were fact I was starting to question my own skills.

it is quite possible that you have a faulty gps unit.
For sure, those X and Y velocity numbers should not be as high as you are experiencing.

Mine are almost always either 0 or fluctuating in the low single digits as you would expect the numbers to be when sitting on the ground.
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