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"Well, if stuff like Tam is doing is to get huge Power/Watts (thrust) out, to put into a larger (90mm) airframe, then it isn't such an issue to have 'large packs'. Even if a 90mm was used it would still need that power input.

If it is for 70mm use, then that is far more marginal and the % of people doing that would be very low. (2%?). More of an academic pursuit than of truly great use - or maybe for the hunt for record speed."

Yeah your dead on the money! Cause if your in the realm of probably gonna take more anyway, then now if more would be needed, it adds options to swap around for some mah to add too. And for example the f100 makes this easier cause really were calling it 90 but. A: it's not big 90 by 90 standards, and if you take today's power into account it's really no longer a 90 but more a large 70. So looking at it as a 70 airframe your just not gonna power it like a typical 70 but more a high power 70 that's approaching anemic 90 power levels. As a 90 back then it'd be a 7-8s at most, now today's power 6 range, so if you can only have 6 why make it turn a big fan slow when you can crank up a 70 with that for less motor cell and fan weight. The max power in is determined by cells you use period, they can only provide so much, so to have that but she'd weight where ya can is just free power. And the better the motor the more of that your carrying goes to good use. No reason a good system has to do one or the other, if it's good it's good, it can go fast and fly long cause it has most power and efficiency it can have without compromise. It isn't gas so we don't have to sacrifice low or mid just to get top end. If it uses every ounce you put in without needless weight to either survive or just hit a high number at sacrifice of needless weight, then yes you can have both if we're smart about it.
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