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Originally Posted by brosius85 View Post
hey flyin.

i don't want to get all tied up in theories and guesses but usually i just copy TBS with their layouts.

VTX on the left, gps in the middle, RX on the right. if you are using the CORE keep that over near the VTX too as it can interfere with the RX.
Good tip, go with a tried & tested config! I just have a 3s pack that plugs into my vtx, it works perfectly well without a regulator but would it benefit by using one?

Originally Posted by Techmeister View Post
For the RX, i definitely see your dilemma, i don't have that problem because i am using PPM out, so just one cable. I would, however, try your best to place your VTx and Rx and opposite wings, and your GPS as far as it can go on the side with the Rx. For all the servo cables, you might find that all you will need is two servo extensions, one for ESC and one for the servo on the other side of of your Rx. EDIT: I just remembered you are using a flight stabilizer. . . . .i would till keep your Rx on a wing, maybe about halfway. Brosius, is a great person to get advice from and his advice to stay roughly with what TBS does is a good idea.

I have my Vtx on the right wingtip with custom wires to my components, my DL on my left wingtip with one PPM cable (store bought), my GPS sits as far as the cable will allow on the left. My ESC and DOSD are both in the electronics bay.
Nice one guys, I think I might do something like that, I'll set my main rx into the wing halfway out with the satellite rx on the winglet. Gonna end up with about 5-6 servo wires being cut into the wing thou, will have to cut a channel under the servo.
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