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Originally Posted by Andre6553 View Post
i agree the Diy forums is full off info but it takes time to get answers.

well im still in urly stage with my apm2 and the main reason i got it was for a fix wing plane and the YS-X6 do not support a fix wing so in the mean time i did play with it on my copter.

If Robone has his system setup and working and if i canot get results as he will getting i will probably buy the ys-x6.

I will putting the APM2 on my RC-carbon Y6 frame with Avroto motors and test it on that frame my spider quad is not 100% ballance CG

There is not a Fc on the market that got all the functions the arducopter has at the moment
I've got the YS system, and have it in a Droidworx ADX-4 with Avroto motors, and 1150 props. All I can say is I could not stop swearing in my back yard doing tests of stability and altitude hold, and position hold. This system far exceeds my expectations. I'm waiting for some additional ESC's and an 8 port PDB to arrive, then I'm ready to try the X8 configuration like Fajar with his CX to give me some more lift power. I'm thinking that my limited experience in multirotors (started in November last year) and my success with the YS that some (not all) of the issues that people are experiencing can be problems with configuration, additional hardware (motors, ESC's and Frames) as there is many variables.

Again, thanks to everyone in this thread for assistance. I am very close to getting some video up on YouTube, just need my ESC's to arrive on my doorstep.
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