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Anyone Fly the DAW Dragonette Micro HLG???

Hello Everyone

I really enjoy reading all of your great threads on some really interesting topics, and I'm always hoping to add value, while getting some great information that I can use. Today is such a day...

I just completed the construction of my new DAW Dragonette Micro HLG. I tried a few test glides at a tiny park near my house (not much bigger than a suburban home lot) and I found the performance stable.

Today I took the little baby to work with me, and on lunchbreak, I drove to a park right on San Francisco Bay -- not too far from work. I can really get usaed to this Micro HLG stuff in that it takes up almost no room in the car and carrying it to the flying site is a breeze

So I threw it about 20 or 30 times and I was able to slope a little bit. The winds were coming up the slope, but they didn't seem too strong. I figured it was perfect conditions for an HLG.

I was surprised in how unremarkable the performance of the Dragonette was. I'm guessing that the oncoming storm clouds may have been chilling the air to where the only lift came from the slight breeze up the slope. Maybe there were no apreciable thermals in the area and that made for uneventful flying as well. For some reason, I just expected the little guy to really stick in light conditions.

When I was carrying the plane back to the car, I looked at it and realized that compared to most HLGs that I've seen, the wingspan-to-fuse length ratio was pretty small. In other words, it sort of looked like the wings are a bit short for a plane of this size. In my beginner pilot's feeble mind, I was guessing that this thing has a poorer L/D because of this.

At any rate, I can say that this baby flies infinitely better than my DAW 1-26 2-meter in the same conditions, so it's a keeper. I know that I can at least get a few minutes of stick time, where in the same conditions, I might be flying for a few seconds with the 1-26.

Dave gave me some simple tips on making the wing detachable, as I want to be able to pack this plane into a small package for whan I take trips. It's pretty small when removing the wing. I used 3/32 light ply with an epoxied-on nylon 6-32 nut. The second bolt-point was made by drilling and tapping directly through the boom. It's nice to have something that comes apart so easily and cleanly.

OK, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Now it's your turn...

Tell me about your experience with your DAW Dragonette Micro HLG -- how it flies, how you like it, what you don't like about it, etc...

I realy appreciate all of your wisdom and experience.

Have a great day and Happy flying ;-)

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