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Originally Posted by flyn View Post
Gents, just wondering if you'd mind helping me position my electronics?

I've been away for over a week & little has happened with my build since my last post - I've cut out & covered my elevons & thats about it.

I'm gonna setup for short/med range FPV for now with a view to possibly getting a UHF system at a future date. I've not cut any holes yet & have roughly set my VTX midway out on the plane's left wing with my GPS unit countering it midway out on the plane's right wing, I've also got an extension cable for the RC satellite RX so I can stick it right out on the left wingtip at a 90 orientation to however I mount my main RX (yeah, I know it's Spektrum & how a lot of people hate it etc etc. but its all I've got at the moment I'm afraid). My Eagletree OSD, logger, Guardian, & RX BEC live in the electronics bay, so there's pretty much no room in there. I'm also running a separate 1000mah 3s VTX lipo thats not pictured, where does everyone else mount their VTX packs if they use one?

My issue is how should I mount my main RC RX so I don't have to cut another hole for a UHF when I eventually splash out for one? Should I switch the positions of my GPS unit & RX, or am I missing something else?

Some advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.

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Im new to all of this so my advice should not be the only advice you use.

From what Ive learned, component separation it KEY on fpv plane setups, for those using mikrocopters, they really have no choice, but for those of us with a ZII, space is almost unlimited we are only limited by our cable lengths. To me, you electronics bay looks extremely crowded and i would worry about interference. Here is a list that i found helpful when i was placing my components:

Unfortunately adobe was being a so i couldn't copy it. . . . the list is on page 38 of this document

I personally hate extra packs because in doing so you double the amount of possible failure points, but if you have to use one, i would put it in a spot that doesn't throw off the CG (and near to what it is being used for), always keep in mind the CG when placing components. . . .trim will only do so much. . . .
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