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Originally Posted by rc4fun View Post
It depends on how informal the contest was. If it was a low turn out contest then maybe I'd let him fly in another group. Rules are rules for a reason. If you bend a rule for one person then you are at risk of a flood of "well you let him do..." Never break a rule for one person and not everyone else!
Couldn't have said it better. Other than flying well, open contests are also about having your equipment up to snuff and in fine fettle. Motor won't work, ESC smokes itself into oblivion, servo goes wobbly and so on. It's part of contest flying, we've all been there.

I'll add that I did just what you asked about when CD'ing an old timer contest to shut this one guy up who went on and on yammering wanting a reflight. Big mistake!!! I wound up having to address a protest before it was done then had to backpedal over myself and disqualify the guy's flight anyhow. In the end, no one was really happy and a number were really POed. It's your call as CD but I wouldn't do it.
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