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Just in case your bike doesn´t stay down in a turn I made myself a checklist:

1.)Reduce Play in the steering lingage
2.)Reduce Play the Fork Assembly: Right down to the wheel. This is the "Twist" Play if you hold the wheel and turn on the top Triple.
3.)Reduce the Freeplay the springs have before they turn the Fork.
4.)Use harder springs if 1 to 3 dont help
4.a) Be sure those new springs are really harder than the previous ones

And here is what I did after 1 to 4 didnt seem to help anymore:
5.)Have a friend check out a reciever on a Professional testbed and find out it was sending unclean signals, change the Receiver.
6.)Repeat 1 to 4.
7.)Change the Gearing of a one year old Futaba Servo
8.)Repeat 1 to 4.
9.)Change the Servo
10.)Repeat 1 to 4.
11.)Find out the Radio is not centralling the Steering properly
12.)Dismantle the Radio and change the whole Steering electronics
13.)Repeat 1 to 4.
14.)Clean all the Grit and Muck out of behind the Steering wheel BEFORE sending in the bloody thing for repair
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