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Originally Posted by kapteinkuk View Post
Hi all, I designed this one to be easy to use for the noobs, and still be better than the KK1.

The gadgets-freaks will not pitch a tent over this one, It is the same, tired old AVR-chip. (Sorry TC ) However, it runs on a 20MHz crystal, so output resolution and jitter is better than before.

Some improvements:

-No confusing potmeter directions.

-No gyro reversing needed since the FW is for a fixed HW setup.

-Self-leveling. It uses acc tilt-angle measurement. Later I will try to add a full AHRS algorithm like the big boys use since it is better. (less delay)

-No PC necessary. All adjustments and multicopter type selecting is done with the LCD and buttons.

-The transmitter setup can be checked before first test. (channels and direction)

-low drift gyros.

-graded low-voltage-alarm, adjustable in 0.1V increments.

-motor numbering and propeller direction is visible on the LCD.

-Custom mixer.

It will become open source when the first update is available. But beware, it is still written in Evil Assembly!!

Here is a buddycode, get it for $19:
Thank you godfather of quads!
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