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Well I must say, this board is VERY attractive to a newbie. And that I am. I have yet to pull the trigger on the first purchase of any part of a QC. Still self educating myself on these things. I'm a 41 yr old "child of glow plugs" that is hesitate on diving into electrics and QC's. (But I must due to field location and free time)

Part of that reason for the delay is there is an awful lot to look at, google, digest and learn about FC's, ESC's, Motors, Frames, FPV etc... So something like this, from a newbie perspective, helps reduce "buyers remorse" drastically.

Whether or not this is the 1st one with an LCD screen or not (I know it's not), this is the way the market will go. We will see onboard color LCD screens on FC boards. It's not IF but WHEN they will make up the majority.

QC's are in their infancy. Think 8-track to cassette to CD to Ipod. FC's are in the 8 track stage of their life right now. My god, look at all the wires, dongles, dingles, dangles, code & programs one has to wade through. It's very daunting for the lay person to make something fly.

LCD screens and onboard programming (also bluetooth) will be welcomed and become the norm not the minority in the near future.

I look forward to more stuff like this. I imagine we will see the Android phone & Iphone be used as a FC directly. They already have a GPS rx, accelerometers, camera's & mapping software installed. Program the FC (aka your phone), attach it to the QC and away you go. The oboard camera can be used for recording and FPV. The cell phones antenna can send, telemetry, gps and tracking info to friends, family and social websites in real time.

I really look fwd to seeing the progress these little guys make over the next decade. Going to be very impressive.
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