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So many variables

It sounds like setting up proper thrust angles on pushers is a fine art with many things that need to be taken into account.Judging by what's been said here,it seems like angles change slightly with each airplane based on first and foremost the design of the airplane.Slight changes like wing incidence or movement of horizontal stab could have different effects on the needed thrust angle.Well considering my motor pod's already glued on my scratchbuilt,I think I'll make my t-tail section bigger.If it still needs a lot of reflex(up elevator) to glide level than I'll probably switch over to full functional T-tail.It seems like the change from upthrust to downthrust or vice versa starts occuring at or near the CG.Moving the trust line in front of,behind,above,or below will obviously result in needed adjustments.I think if the thrust line is directly through the CG or center of drag then you can get away with mounting perfectly level.Geez,where's all the aerodynamic engineer's when you need one!
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