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Originally Posted by erh7771 View Post
Assuming 70ish sized model with 13-ish lbs AUW

- 100usd 90mm 9-10lbs fan system reliably, safely and easily including...esc\fan\motor(I've been doing this over 2 years)...
- 40usd for 8 corona 4.5kg metal gear 22g servos
- 50usd for set of scaled brushed aluminum oleo with torque arms (same one Andy is using but smaller)
- 36usd for RC lander milled aluminum wheels and brakes on mains and 10usd for ESM 2 piece 6 bolt wheel for front or 60usd if you want ESM 2 piece 6 bolt wheels all the way around and modded brakes.
- 64 for a Set of lander 120 e-tracts or 75 for ESM 20lb retracts
- 20 for LS2
- 50 for servo wires hardware wires and other ish....but that's if you have no supply of this stuff right now...I have an over supply...for me this is beer money.
- 50 for paint..(I'm throwing things in there now)

This can be done, not cost a ton and be a lots of fun
Sounds about right to me. Also many of us have items "laying around" in this size which makes the 70-75 inch even more appealing.

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