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Originally Posted by jakob k View Post
Derek B>>>>
About power. Did you take up the landing gear during flight?

Mine is very underpowered with landing gear down, but in the up position then my plane has more than enough.

About wind, I have flown mine in no wind and in a lot of wind, The only issue I have with this aeroplane is that it flexes too much so it feels like you have no control over it when in alot of wind (About 10-15 m/s or 22,5-34mph).
These type of winds is regular wind conditions in denmark.

If I only wanted to fly in close to no wind, then I would never get to fly this bird due to the weather here in Denmark.

But great video.

I left the gear down. The 2 main gears were sticking during pre-flight test. I could always get them to keep moving by cycling the gear switch, so it never stuck permanently. But I did not want to risk it on maiden flight. My nerves could only handle so much.

On my next flight (hopefully this Sunday), I will use take-off flaps, and also pull the gear up right away. I will commit to 10 flights at least before I decide to change anything.
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