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ok I learned some more about the Align APS system.

There are three modes: regular 3GX mode, APS mode, and GPS mode.

3GX mode basically bypass the APS system, so you fly as if no APS system was installed.

in APS mode, you have the following abilities:
1. semi-autonomous takeoff/landing. Basically move the throttle stick up to takeoff, down to land. you don't need to touch the cyclic and rudder stick. It takes care of them for you.
2. stabilized flight: the heli will maintain level at all time. You push the cyclic stick forward/backward/left/right, the heli will still move in that direction, but leveled. So even if you push the stick all the way to the end, it will not flip and go inverted. This is great for hover practice and aerial photography work.
3. Emergency bailout: If you are practicing aerobatics in 3GX mode and lose orientation, switch into APS mode and it will flip right side up and stabilize.

GPS mode basically does autonomous flight.
1. Return Home: You lose sight or radio lost link. It will fly back to home automatically. This is also the failsafe feature.
2. Waypoints: You can fly to a preset waypoint (can be set while flying), or have the heli fly between two waypoints back and forth automatically.

These are the basic functions AFAIK. There could be more I don't know about.
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