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I had another go with my HK hi-start last night... using the same generic 2m model.

My mate tensioned the line prior to clipping-on the model.

The "tension" equated to an extension of 300 feet. In other words, we walked back about 300 feet from the slack position. Of course, some of that distance results from the considerable stretching of the monofilament line, so I'm not sure by how much the rubber extended.

Anyway, the performance was much better, as you might expect. I'm sure that there is still a lot of "friction" from the long grass, though. On one occasion, the rubber/monofilament junction snagged in the grass and couldn't be tugged loose. We had to run down from the launch point and phyically clear the obstruction.

Keeps you fit, mind!

Next job will be to increase the extension to about 400 feet; that is, 400 feet of stretch. Will also try a decent model, like a Sig Riser.

I reckon that the length of our system was about 800 feet, when stretched. You need a lot of room.
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