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Every electric plane I've built so far I've only used what equipment someone else used with success. There are a lot of threads that'll help you match a motor, esc & prop to a plane. My take so far has been that you need X watts per pound for the type of plane you're flying and for a DPS I'm guessing you'd want 100 - 125 watts per pound of plane. Of you could go nuts and strap something on there that'll tear the control surfaces off. Then you'd want to match the Kv and prop to how you want to fly. If you want to fly slow and floaty, you'd want a lower Kv and a bigger prop. If you want the boogedy, boogedy, boogedy, you'd want a higher Kv and a smaller prop, all in the same range of wattage and ESC capability. I know there have been E-DPS's built and highlighted on, so you might want to log on there and search for that. I also have a subscription to a "how to" for motor and prop selection that I'll link here in just a sec. Pretty sure Chris or Clean or one of the guys who actually know what they're talking about will be along shortly.
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