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It has been a couple of month, but some rather unpleasant things have ruined my building a boat thing.

1. Sailing season had arrived an I had to get my scooners wet. How disgusting is that, I give it a 9.
2. My Company, I actually have to work in this stupid thing, I have to get rid of all those stupid and uncaring people that demand that the joint is open from 07:00 to 22:00. They ruin my day, I wish the economy would be bad, nobody would come to the business and I could built boats all day long.

But never the less I was able to make some progress.
I ran out of planks, 2 2x4x10 and 2 4x4x10 I had already obliterated into what I call planks.
But not enough, she is a Woman, Man has to slave, and she demands more, what a surprise.
So last week I got a breather from sailing the 2 masters, finally.
So I obliterated a nother 2x4x8 into 5x3mm and 8 feet planks and start that very demanding and disgusting task to glue one piece of tiny wood to a nother, how stupid is that, women, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

First I installed the frame for the RC-Hatch in the rear and than started glueing.
More glue on my pants, shirt and up the nose, that nose picking habbit does not go along with gluey fingers, than on the tub, well, Her.

The rear is closed and I sanded it, I like it, I sande it 1000 grit and than ran for 30 mins a blade over it.
Schrott is online now Find More Posts by Schrott
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