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Originally Posted by xmech2k View Post
OK, I'll take the bait: I can do inverted boomerangs all day, how do you do the upright ones?

Also, I'm new to this bird and after searching a while, could only find one post on a few maneuvers. Anyone else have any good ones? That post had the inverted boomerang, falling leaf, a couple other simple ones. I'd link it now, but it would probably take a while to find again.
I have a fair bit of success with the system I posted about earlier. Not my system, but one I found online. Works very well. Rather than re-post/desribe here, have a look at the video I did up if you are interested. The only thing I will add is that a person should pull the rudder across at the end to accelerate the spin, maybe fool around with UP vs DOWN elevator as well, once the flat spin is initiated. Get good at starting them, then experiment as that is what I am doing.


Boomerang Video
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