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Originally Posted by xmech2k View Post
OK, I'll take the bait: I can do inverted boomerangs all day, how do you do the upright ones?

Also, I'm new to this bird and after searching a while, could only find one post on a few maneuvers. Anyone else have any good ones? That post had the inverted boomerang, falling leaf, a couple other simple ones. I'd link it now, but it would probably take a while to find again.
Read this:

This is EXACTLY how I do it and it works EVERYTIME with the micro, I was able to do it today twice with her big brother. The micro works easily for me, with the full-size it's definately a "timing" thing when moving the right stick from the lower left corner to the upper right corner. You know you got it when it goes into an upright boomerang, if it's done incorreclty it looks like a lame duck with it's nose pointing down to the ground. Good luck! And don't forget to give yourself plenty of altitude!!!!
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