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Originally Posted by Jon.M.Barter View Post
awesome job integrity! what blades are you using? the solo pro 3d ones?
No, i am using the 140mm Carbon fiber blades. The solo pro 180 blades would also be fine i think. Possibly even better because they are lighter. I'm going to put in a few more flights with these blades and then try the D02S blades again and see how the helicopter flies. I have a small suspicion, POSSIBLY, the longer and wider 140mm blades might be inducing too much resistance when using the collective stick. It might actually fly better with the thinner blades because of less resistance when increasing pitch. It's just a theory right now, but i have to be very gentle to fly 3d with this compared to the v120d02S.

I have been flying the stock D02S blades the most and prefer them the most. Next will be the 130X blades probably. Longer blades that are at least as narrow as the stock blades are what i'm really looking for.
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