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Well the package finally arrived today.. amazing.
Not bad.. I only ordered it on the 20th December, so thats almost 6 months to the day.

I was right. lucky me got a Turnigy Badge!! awesome.
Not only do they try and placate me after 6 months with a 10c piece of plasctic, but it is with a badge that is advertising for them.

HK may have low prices but gees you pay for it in blood instead.

As before, if anyone wants to give me the contact details for someone like Anthony Hand or some other person in a position of some consequence I'd love to recieve it (via PM of corse).

Here is what I sent to John at HK service department:

Hi John,
Please be advised that I have received my package containing the warranty replacement item as we discussed in the service ticket ######.

Thank you.

As for the gift that I was promised. I do not appear to have received it.
I did notice that there was a "turnigy badge" in my parcel but as I had already received 2 of those in previous parcels I thought that it must be a promotional item.

If this is indeed the "gift" that was promised. I must comment on the level of customer commitment that hobby king has shown in this whole incident.

To date I have received only that for which I have paid, and indeed have I have paid for the postage several times over.

You were given an opportunity to do something positive for hobbyking's reputation. Instead you have tried to placate me with a bit of plastic, designed to advertise your product.

Your attitude towards customer service is absolutely appalling.

If you feel the need to remedy this situation you know my postage address as I have given it to you at least 4 times now.

At the very least I expect a decent reply to this service ticket.
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