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Das Plas-Stick (DPS) - E version full size

Hi Guys,

I just maidened my first e-spad . I am new to all this lipo brushless motors business so i decided to use what i had from my old gliders from years back. I did buy some lipos as the nicad pack I had went missing along with the charger.... anyway, IT FLIES!!!!! but only just.

Had real trouble balancing it with all the weight of the tail.... so with the wing as far back as possible (the access hatch is showing by 5mm. and all the battery and motor and esc jammed right up the front with no room to spare and a couple of lead fishing sinkers, I couldn't wait any longer for a nicer day (damn winds).

Took off nice and smooth but very slowly and missing the curb by and inch with no elevator after about 13m. Had it on full throttle the whole time to keep up the speed though which was disappointing.

After it sounded like the power was dropping off and going flat (it only flew for 3 mins each battery). Landed it a bit rough and bent a wheel a bit but all good.

SO my question is.... I need a bigger motor - and battery - and esc....

The specs currently are:

Fuse (5mm coro)
Wing (3mm top/5mm bottom) its all i can find where i live.

Tail dragger with now bent front legs.

Motor: a pretty big cylinder brushed motor (which got red hot and started melting my plane after the second flight. Think its a speed 600 or bigger if there is bigger than that. Theres no writing on it. Stinks alot now I thought it would be able to handle a 2 cell battery without cookin. very wrong.

Prop 10x5

Esc: U-whizz 40A brushed esc

Batt: 2200mah 7.4v 25-35c turnigy

Elevator and aileron only (standard old servos)

I will get some kitchen scales to weigh the plane but its around the two kilo mark AUW off the bathroom scales.

I'm getting all my stuff from hobby king so if someone who has built this Spad before in electric in full scale can they give me the best options for motor, batt, and esc to suit. I cant seem to get my head around this in-out runner business so if someone people can make my decision for me, from experience, I would be very grateful.

The aim of this is to get a couple of combat models for me and my brother to have a bash around chasing streamers. Just want to get a prototype working well first.

Thanks alot for taking the time to read all this.

ill get some photos up in a sec

Jake Binz
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