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Why didn't they run? A pass???
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Sorry to hear about your issue RT..was that taking off in manual mode?

So multirotortech and V,
The next time you contact ZeroUAV, please run this by them and ask their opinion.

I'm running Octo.

while in Auto hovering mode:

The odd number motors seem to be working harder than the even number motors.
M1, 3, 5 and 7 come down hotter than 2,4,6,8

add to this the following observation.

If I'm sitting on the ground, with power applied to the motors, after a minute or so, if I do not accelerate to takeoff power, the even number motors shut down, but the odd numbered motors keep spinning at the same speed. If I move the throttle up a bit more, the even number motors have to quickly spin up again..if I don't go any further, they spin down again.

I can go 20 to 30% throttle and all motors spin up, but if I don't advance the throttle to take off power, I can watch the even number motors slowly spin down all the way to off.

This cannot be a "feature" of the system knowing the altitude has not changed and powers itself down, but only the even number motors turn off.

Please just mention it exactly how I typed it up and let us know what they say about it.

OTHER than the odd number motors coming down hot and the even # coming down cool, I don't see any issues in flight, but only sitting on the ground..It just appears to me that the FC is doing something that it shouldnt while past 10% throttle.

One last observation. It doesn't do this each and every single time, but I can duplicate it often enough to take video of the issue.

Perhaps there just needs to be some code optimization for Octo X

Let me know if you need video of the situation.
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