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Originally Posted by absandams View Post
Oh I get it now, depending on which way it rotates, it will pull or push the control horn that the rod is attached to, pushing it down or pulling it up, right? But if one servo can be used on more than one control surface, then how can you adjust each servo so it's arm only moves 90 degrees either way from neutral, and not the full 360 degrees, unless each servo arm on each servo only rotates 90 degrees from neutral either way, or each servo is designed for one control surface? Thanks for all of the replies so far!
One servo per control surface PERIOD. ( in your type plane). Servos have a limited rotation that is typically 60 degrees. They do not rotate 360 Ever!. NEVER do contrpl surfaces require servos to rotate anywhere close to 90 degrees.
You need to find somebody with a plane to SHOW you how these things operate. The forum cannot explain it nearly as well as SEEING an airplane.
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