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I'll check out Lowes, with hope in my heart come Monday, But that is good to know Pete.

I have a little tascam single action brush that I can run for an hour off my portable air can. setting it up wastes almost half the can.

I also have a full automotive grade spray gun but cant run it at home because I don't have the air. I take it to the brewery where I have a dried supply of 120psi air available.

cool story... we fabricated the air dryer from spare parts. the air from the main compressor runs into a old boiler expansion cylinder, to seperate the air, and that runs down to a 3 foot long length of 4 inch copper pipe deading into a conical cap.

that whole mechanism is wrapped with 1/2" copper tubing with contains recirculated 24f degree chilled propylene glycol.

so.. whats happening is that the air is chilled, this induces condensation, which runs down the cylinder and is ejected, the exhaust air from there runs through the air handler separator... and .. bam... dry air!

the comedy of the situation is that all this stuff is installed in the mechanical room of the brewery... we call it.. the "cave" it litterly is, under ground, and all the chillers are located next to the boilers, so there is this ... hot and dank environment back there and all the cold condensation coupled with the high humidty back there?

well, lets just say, that with out regular up keep, the place can get a bit.. slimy...

so the little mechanicly timed port that ejected the condensated moisture from the air dryer formed a little covering of.... slime... so when it did its thing of releasing the air to blow out the condensate water... well... the thing started to sound like something in the cave was letting out a giant fart.

now... that's comedy in and of itself... however.. I had to mess with the maintence guy who built all this stuff and had set up the mechanical workshop a little further up in the cave where it was dryer.

I got a bag of those siren whistles. and one weekend in between all my usual beer mine tasks, I fabricated this... thing made out of brass pipe fittings, and PVC pipe scraps hat culminated in a siren wistle.

my little manifold thing managed to slow the air down enough to let the whistle work and let off a big, LOUD WaaaaaaaaaWHEEEEEEEE!! whenever the air dryer discharged...

the next day.. my day off, I was rudely woken up by crazy old man Tim calling me up calling me a sunnufabich while laughing his tail off.

I had to order a bag of forty of those dang whistles and blasted through 10 of them to get it all working right...
needless to say.. I'm still giving those things out to the kids of uppity parents.
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