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Originally Posted by Xnaron View Post
Nice video! In the description on youtube you mention new motors and props. Care to share the details on them?
Sure... I found that with the stock motors and 8x5 props, when at high power settings (i.e. climbing aggressively to clear an obstacle) in MAN that I was getting a stuttering - kind of like trying to climb a hill in too high a gear in a car. I tried messing with the vertical gains but it didn't help. In ATT it didn't happen cause it just doesn't climb very fast in that mode.

I resolved the problem by going to bigger Avroto 2814 motors, while staying with the stock DJI 30A ESCs. I tried 10x5 Graupners, but found that the lower "wing" loading made the MRC a little less smooth and more susceptible to turbulence. I settled on Graupner 9x5 as a good compromise over the 8".
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