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Another beginner question: How exactly do servos work?

Sorry for yet another noob question, but how do servos actually work? The pushrods (I think) go in the servo horns, but the servo horns only seem to be able to rotate parallel to the ground (if that makes any sense), so how does it manage to push/pull/move the control surface up and down? Well actually, I can imagine that working if there was a servo and pushrod at the top and bottom of the plane (for an aileron for example) so as the servo rotates back, it pulls the pushrod back which is connected to the actual aileron, which will move it up or down, depending on whether it is on the bottom of the plane, or the top of the plane (I hope that made sense), but I don't think that is actually how they work (is it?). Sorry if it's obvious, but I really don't get it and I can't find any help elsewhere. Do you think I'd be able to get more help if I post this on electric? Thanks in advance
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