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Originally Posted by Colbyntx View Post
So, I got an PZ F4F for a fathers day gift. Got her home and put it togather and added some red stipes on the bottom of the wing to help my nearly 41 year old eyes to see the bottom better in rolls and such. I was excited to get her in the air!!!!!! The sun had settled behind the tall East Texas pines so didn't need sunglasses. Ther were storm clouds not too far off but the wind was only about 5-6 mph. Tossed her up in the air and she was flying but realllllly nose heavy and ail rolling right. Got her up higher and started to trim her but now the wind just kicked up big time! 15-18 mph gusts!!!! I couldn't even think about trimming her in this wind and now I was at full throttle just to fight this wind. Got her turned around to land into this monster wind, nose heavy and rolling right. Dropped the throttle to about 2/3 and started desending for landing trying to over come the nose drop and right roll!!! Got her down to half throttle on approach and from about 30ft in the air, a wind sheer helped me stall it and slammed her into the ground! I broke the motor mount, cowl, bent prop, right wing and right hor stab. Everything glued back nicely and I had an extra ACP 9X6 here. She is ready for another go but next time I see a storm coming, I think I will wait!!!! The pisser of it all is, we didn't get a drop of rain and we need it bad. Here are the stripes I added to the bottom of the wings.
Really bad luck . Hate to hear bad things about the Wilcat. Sorry friend. Next flight be better
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