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Originally Posted by AndyKunz View Post

Don't look at Frames and Holds to find brownout data! That's like asking your altimeter to tell you how fast you're going. If you want to know about power problems, look at the voltage data instead.

If your power problem is so severe that it kills the telemetry, there's not much anybody can do. That's a blackout, not a brownout! It takes power to transmit telemetry, and it is being sent at the same time that your servos are being updated. You need to have adequate power there for that to happen. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be reasonable.

OTOH, the fact that the numbers are reset to 0 (after being non-zero) while in flight IS telling you that you have a power problem because your receiver is being reset.

The fact that the power glitch is so bad that you aren't getting telemetry data when you try to move the servos is telling you there's a HUGE power problem. If you can change it from huge to manageable, then you can start to use the telemetry to help you debug the problems.

If you suspect that there really is a big power problem (it sounds like there is), then you might try powering the telemetry separately and see what happens. You'll need to make some special cables to do that, but you can measure what's happening on the servo bus during those problem times if you use the "flight pack" input to monitor the receiver.

I don't know your skill level. Can you figure out how to do that wiring yourself? Or do you need one of us to draw it out for you?

I'm heading to bed now. I'll check back in the morning. If you need me to draw it out I'd be happy to do that.

Well, I returned the servos that were causing the problem, so I think I'll be good. I guess I misunderstood the problems the telemetry system monitors.
I thought holds were where the rx looses link the with tx, and that the telemetry would tell me that. I also thought the some of the data (such as min/max) send to and received by the dx8 would remain regardless of the power to the rx/tm1000.

The part that really got me all confused was that I never saw a voltage below 5.9, and then the whole thing would loose link and or reboot. The BEC was a known good one, with probably over 50 successful flights in a previous airplane.
Oh well... servos are gone.

Thanks for explaining things to me Andy. Its nice to have Spektrum guys out and about assisting the end user.

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