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Originally Posted by aerocal View Post
Interesting situation.
The frame loss and hold(flightlog) data is stored in the Rx and read by the TM at regular intervals.If/when the Rx reboots the flightlog data is reset.
After a reboot flightlog data will be rezeroed.The red led does light momentarily during bootup.It is a hold indication as well.If it blinks it is indicating a hold since its last powercycle.It also resets during reboot.
Sounds like you have something else contributing to this situation.Since you are talking about it simply doing it while holding full throws I think maybe you are allowing the servos to travel until the surfces are out of travel and they are binding and stalling the servos.
Huge HUGE current draw when this happens.
Likely 5 amps or more and possibly over 10 on a full size digital servo.

You say you notice no voltage drop.What does your min/max data show after one of these events?How are you powering the TM module? A y-harness with power and TM plugged in and the other going into the bind/data port?
If your arrangement is setup so the Rx bus is powered "downstream" of the TM connection to the power the TM may not be able to see the power loss on the Rx bus itself.Put the power into the Rx on another port(s) and plug the TM into the dataport by itself.This will give a true reading of the voltage on the Rx bus itself.

The voltage may very well be holding at an acceptable level on the Rx bus until the BEC shuts off from overload too.Then it resets and powers back on.If you do nothing to correct the overload it will likely shut off and then reset and shorter intervals as it continues its cycle.

This kind of sounds like what you have going on.There are several variations on this scenario depending on how you have things hooked up but I would venture to say stalled servos are the big factor here.
I think you are right. I returned both the set of digitals, and the analogs today. They were the EPBUDDY.COM's OEM brand, New Power. Guess they should have been named, "Too Much Power"

I picked up a set of HS-65MGs to throw into the plane, we'll see if that fixes the problem. I've used this BEC with 4 HS-5065MGs, 4 SH-0257MGs in the past, so I'm certain its not the BEC.
I guess my final question is why no Holds or Lost Frames on the transmitter telemetry screen?
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