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I like real wooden aeroplanes!
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Originally Posted by rabidrue1 View Post
some thing low winged and sporty looking?I thought that veron had a low winged bird that looked kind of like an old pattern plane.
Umm, tricky Rab. Apart from the Fleetwing low wing sporty looking types are a bit thin on the ground in Britkit land. There is the Mercury Galahad, full of character but I wouldn't call it sporty looking. I don't recall anything in the Veron range that matches your description. The only other alternatives I can think of are either C/L conversions/scale-ups or scale-ups of the small rubber models in the Frog Senior and Junior ranges. Mercury also had a range of small rubber jobs which I know included at least one low winger, but plans of these seem to have vanished in the mists of time, the only two I can remember in detail are the Perseus which was a shoulder wing and the Mars, a biplane (BTW if anyone SHOULD just have a plan of this one I would be delighted to see it!)

Anyone else have any ideas??
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