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Originally Posted by Swankee View Post
Hey Folks,
I hope everybody is doing well.
Wanted to throw out a quick request for Dornier Do.17 and/or Do.215 plans.

There was a small jpg. put up ages ago on the vintage thread but it is too small to do anything with. It came from Aeromodeller but the jpg. is so small I can't read the date.

Another Dornier came from Model Aircraft - but again, I don't have a date. If I remember correctly, I had seen an advert. for it from a page of the Nov.1962 Model Aircraft... which leads me to believe that it was in a mag before that date??? I also think it was a Control Line model?

Gluehand and any other Swedes & Norwegians out there... Happy Mid-Sommer next Friday.
Later, Swankee

AeroMed... Good stuff! Thanks
Dornier 215 was in Aeromodeller May 1956. not an issue I have but the FF plans from it have already been posted by Algy. as it is a C/L model it was not included. Perhaps we can cajole Algy or RFJ into digging out that issue and posting a scan it the C/L thread

DO17 was the Aircraft described in Aeromodeller October 1969 and has already been posted by Algy

cannot find any Do17 plan in the MA index but as it is not complete it may have been published

Myhobbystore only has one Do17z plan which is for 5 function R/C. RSQ1624 - Dornier Do 17z obviously from a quaterly mag were the plan may either been the free full size plan or if not probably printed in a format to make it unsuitable for scanning. That is either overlaid, small low res reproduction or only partial part of plan shown.
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