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Originally Posted by CrashMeUp View Post
- I like Z3 a little better than Z2 on this wing in fact
Z1/Z3 not normal modes, you have to move CG back or ncrease throws- move pushrods to outer holes of servo horns
- the gyro auto gain works very, very well. It flew on tracks. Did I mention <200gr and strong pacific wind?
- expected ! the more you fly, gyros will make you lazy, you'll start flying ugliest palnes, why fix them if they fly good anyway ?
- since there's no trim as far as i know, better get your screw driver or whatever you use to manually set the trims. The only solution I can see to that would be to implement auto trim (eg Z+C pushed = remember stick position as trim)
You can do that but only temporarily, enter 6.3.1 and hold joystick to compensate offset, say needed trim aileron right hold stick left while storing neutral. I will never implement auto-trim cause it will shrink available resolution, original Nintendo joystick has only 220-230usable counts (+/-115)
you have to adjust trims mechanically
- flying with the joystick is natural and extremely, extremely easy
- managing the throttle is not natural and takes a little time to get used to, but, it's not that bad. I wish the motor cut was instant tho, specially during my first throws
Don't get used to shut motor off with Z1 command, whenever you need motor cut-off tilt hand down 1st then click if needed. When clicking nunchuck waits for inactivity then command is registered, When starting clicking nunchuck doesn't know 1st click was Z1 or is part of longer command.
Oh and best of all is I can carry it in my pocket, no bags, or bulky stuff. In fact I could even fly from my pocket as it's a little cold outside at night. So cool!
In winter you'll like it even more while holding nunchuck inside sweatshirt pockets - no numb fingers, also when flying at beach peiple have hard time finding out who's controlling the plane.
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