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Noo.. Just buy the 911 RTF. No spares.. Yet.
Always lotsa time to buy more.. later.. IF.. you actually decide you need them... seriously Unlikely in my experiences.
These are tough little rascals and you should, unless there is some erm.. medical issue.. be mastering it within a day or 2, 3 at most.
Frankly, once learned these are really kinda borring.
Learn to avoid the furniture , move on to chasing the Cat a bit. Then go outdoors and harass a couple of Sparrows (watch out for breezes.. these don't handle drafts let alone breezes overly well) True.. spare the flames on this :-) and you've pretty well covered the new owners' attention span with these.
I certainly did, consequently it rarely gets used anymore because it's erm... Borrrring.. And I have a new in the box 'other one' as yet unused .. sigh. Clearly it's now destined to become some young nephews B'day present :-)
Definitely Cute.. but still really borrring.
How many do you actually want ?
Bare is online now Find More Posts by Bare
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