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Originally Posted by turboparker View Post

Excellent, well-detailed report! Thanks!

Interesting results, too! Wasn't expecting the the two setups to be so close in current draw. The difference in hovering makes perfect sense. I remember noticing some of that back when we were still flying indoors. I was running the 5030 on my indoor B3D & the 5043 on my outdoor B3D. The 5030's lower torque was definitely easier to manage in a hover. I find your comments about the inverted flat-spins to be very interesting. I wonder why there would be that much difference between the two props. Even more - I want to know how you got yours to flat-spin! Best I can get out of mine with the elevator throw maxed & an aft CG is sort of a tight, inverted flat-turn. The plane doesn't appear to be truly autorotating.

There appears to be considerable variability in OCP/OTP sensitivity between B3D bricks when running on 3s. The Gee Bee OCP issue makes a lot more sense, now! I should try 3s on my indoor B3D & see how it fares. The one I'm flying now only cuts out during static tests on 3s.

I can't help but wonder how the plane would perform with the 2300Kv/Eflite 5.5x2 combo on 3s . I don't recall anyone trying that setup.

I had high hopes of testing my 5530 on the 2300kv on 3S but with the cutouts I'm guessing that might not happen. I'll keep working on a good way to add air without ruining the aesthetic. One thing I'm planning on doing it using a drinking straw to cut through the foam under the motor. This should create a decent sized hole pointed at the esc/brick and be almost invisible once the prop is on.

As to the inverted spin it has to have power to look right, I'd guess something around 1/2 to 2/3 (I don't dare look down at the TX when doing this!). To little and it just spins at about a 45* down angle, to much and you get the inverted circle rudder turn. Out of curiosity which direction are you spinning it? I always use full neg elevator and full right rudder. The Blender I do starting from a vertical climb, usually a hammerhead 0 throttle, aileron full left for 2-3 vertical dive rolls then Aileron moving CW from full left 0 elevator - to top left and then over to almost full right/full neg elevator as the power and rudder is added.

Originally Posted by erkq View Post
Joel. I think I've discovered that it's temp related. It's close to 90 here and my trusty brick that never OCP's or OTP's wouldn't even run 10 seconds. My perfect v1 Beast with AS3X guts has a little rash to prove it. It was quite unexpected.

So I got to modding for temp control. Maybe I over-did it, but I sure love 3S and I sure didn't want the power failing again. Where I fly and the way the Beast (doesn't) glide it could mean a loss of one of my favorite planes.
You ain't kidding about the lack of glide, 1:1 would be generous!! That and the Beast doesn't like to flare on a dead-stick unless it is really fast.

Yeah I'm pretty sure it is temp relates are well. My 3000kv setup is pretty solid on 3S at anything under 75*F. It will cut out after extended vertical or power on spins where there is not good airflow. While I think that huge scoop will work it is quite large. I wonder if the scale cowl"scoop" could be sliced off and a functional one added in its place?

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