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Excellent, well-detailed report! Thanks!

Interesting results, too! Wasn't expecting the the two setups to be so close in current draw. The difference in hovering makes perfect sense. I remember noticing some of that back when we were still flying indoors. I was running the 5030 on my indoor B3D & the 5043 on my outdoor B3D. The 5030's lower torque was definitely easier to manage in a hover. I find your comments about the inverted flat-spins to be very interesting. I wonder why there would be that much difference between the two props. Even more - I want to know how you got yours to flat-spin! Best I can get out of mine with the elevator throw maxed & an aft CG is sort of a tight, inverted flat-turn. The plane doesn't appear to be truly autorotating.

There appears to be considerable variability in OCP/OTP sensitivity between B3D bricks when running on 3s. The Gee Bee OCP issue makes a lot more sense, now! I should try 3s on my indoor B3D & see how it fares. The one I'm flying now only cuts out during static tests on 3s.

I can't help but wonder how the plane would perform with the 2300Kv/Eflite 5.5x2 combo on 3s . I don't recall anyone trying that setup.

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