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Originally Posted by erkq View Post
Thanks! Great report.
This was 2S? Now you have to specify...
all on 2S

I did test 3S as well, on 3S my OCP/OTP kicked in basically making it unflyable. I guess I just drew the short straw and got a weak brick. It might have been temp related but on the 2300 and 5043 prop I have TONS of cooling as I had no spinner OR back-plate. I used an extra washer spacer from the sbach to get the prop out from the cowl. And I had already cut a bigger gap under the motor as well! On 3S I took off only got 8 ft in the air and it cutout. I dead-sticked it into the grass gently with no damage. With a hand launch it was flyable but only <50% throttle which game me LESS sustained power than 2S. It was hot and relatively humid today so that might have played a role. I didn't retest the 3000kv on 3S as I've done it before.

Battery usage:
both flights were on a 2S MiniAviation210:
3000kv - 5030: flight time was 5:03. Battery took 156mAh
2300kv - 5043: Flight time was 5:04. Battery took 154mAh
So basically identical battery usage with both setups. Note that I was flying it pretty hard for 3/5 of the flight. I'd bet that if I was just lazily flying around with gentle turns or surfing the wind I'd bet the 2300 would have slightly less draw as it should unload better in the air.
note#2 I know I didn't use the BB240 gold standard for the testing. I dont have 2 of them right now and I wanted to do back to back testing. I've also confirmed that the BB240 and the MA210 give similar performance and always take the same mAh back at charge time when flying the same durations.

I've also edited the original post to reflect this as well.

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