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Yes, it looks like I won the 'brick lottery' when I picked up my Sbach. I have a second Sbach that's optimized for indoor flying, and I will not be trying 3s on it!

A few of us started experimenting with 3s & it went from there. I am now running fully-charged 3s packs with no problems, as are a few others. However, I think that considerably more than half of those on the thread who have tried 3s on the AR6400NBL brick have fried it, and some were using short-charged packs. It's definitely a voltage issue, as the bricks usually pop immediately upon connecting the pack. In contrast, the Beast 3D brick seems to handle 3s quite well.

She's definitely a rocket on 3s! We're talking over 300W per pound! Despite her 50+ MPH top speed on 3s, she can still slow down to a crawl - just like she does on 2s. However, she becomes very sensitive at high speeds. A gentle touch on the sticks is required when flying at such high speeds.

Many of us are running 3s in the Beast 3D without any problems. So far, we have not seen any reports of B3D brick failure on 3s. AS3X dramatically improves high-speed handling & makes flying on 3s a lot more fun, as AS3X planes fly similarly to IMAC ships, rather than twitchy little foamies. In fact, a number of us are putting the new user-programmable AS6410NBL AS3X brick into our Sbachs as soon as they're in stock. I hope it is as tolerant of 3s as the EFLU4864 AS3X brick that's used in the Beast 3D, Gee Bee, and Carbon Cub.

See the regular Sbach thread for lots of info on prop & motor combos, packs, handling improvements, and AS3X conversions.

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