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Ulink is an UHF LRS designed for FPV so pilot and spotter can control one plane as a team even if while miles apart. Single RX tracking pilot's nunchak and his repeaters and the same time spotters nunchack and his repeaters
The RX sends telemetry in two separate channels simultaneously. regular digital telemetry refreshed every 0.25s (4Hz), it sends voltage, amperage, signal quality, packets received,flight time, FS log,mAh used, all tx controls status and more.
2nd channnel is pure analog one, low battery, FS and beacon tones all heard using walkie-talkie, analog telemetry has 10x greater range, whenever digital link breaks you'll instantly know real time status by listening tones
The system has built-in P/T servo stretchers, some RXs have video switcher, all RXs have two high-amp switches for use with LEDs or igniters
Gyro stabilization is buil-inbut can be turned off if you got more advanced IMU.
Giros are very easy to use, beside revrsing there is basically no setup - no PIDs to tune, no gain/delays , When powered up the system calibrates itself and you can take off almost instantly.
Stabilization is very useful if flying small unstable planes such as wings without winglets and almost no sweep. Ugliest palne that looks unfliable behaves differently with gyros
The system is not new - it was evolving for over 2 yearsand still refined, we test updated FW atleast every week.
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