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Originally Posted by HoosierGuy View Post
Hey, is the fuselage on the Phoenix 2000 the same as the Lanyu 2-in-1? Also, does anybody know if the canopy on the 2000 will fit the 2-in-1? Here's the 2-in-1 I'm talking about:

Have any of you had to do any repairs to the nose of your glider? My 2-in-1 hit the ground nose first very hard and it made the top of the fuselage start coming apart from the beginning of the canopy to the nose. Plus the plastic round piece that the motor is screwed too is very loose. If you had to fix yours how would you fix it?

Are there any sites out there that do sell replacement parts?

They look to be identical, and if so, the canopy should fit.

wrt repairs: Be advised that not many adhesives stick very well to the plastic fuselage. Some people believe in hot-melt glue, which I think would be fine, until the temperature drops below 40 deg. F. I have had success with Silicone RTV (bathtub caulk), but this is a 'loose' connection. Not really for bonding. But it does work fine for stuff like receivers, ESCs, etc.

Notice how everything that needs to be attached to the fuselage is screwed in from the outside? I think you may have to do something like that in order for it to be permanent.

wrt the motor: You may be able to use the X aluminum motor mount (comes with most motors), put it on the outside (front) of the fuselage, then screw the mounting screws into the X mount, through the fuselage, and then into the motor itself. The 4 'ears' that stick out in the front of the fuse can either be ground off (Dremel), or just left on. I cut mine off using a cut-off wheel in a Dremel.

Good luck. - Phx.2K is fast becoming my favorite fun-ship. It will thermal with the best of them, does rolls fairly well (esp. if you have full-span flaps programmed), and is just plain fun to fly!

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