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Nunchuck setup. all codes start with 6, wait for"ready" tone then input codes

6.1x sub-channel
6.2.x used on old nunchucks to switch starting frequencies
6.3.1 if you replaced joystick board calibrate accelerometers just once, hold nunchuck neutral till "stored" tone - have to hold neutral only for this code
6.3.2 sets Nunchuck output PPM
6.3.3 PWM out -servo tester
6.3.4 PPM-in (can mix incoming PPM )
6.3.5 Automatic switch, when powered the nunchuck samples PPM-n for 1/2s, if no input detected switches to PPM-out(use with SIM, or RF hack module)

To activate trottle click Z 2,3 or 4 times - all the same effect, 1click shuts the motor off
to control rudder have to hold Z btn or click Z 3 times

To let other pilot controlyour plane withhis nunchuck enter multimaster mode wih 6 fast clicks (Z ) then whenever you're in Z-3 position and stick is centered others can fly your plane.
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