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I don't like that idea of cutting a slot into the shaft adaptor! The alloy is 'soft' and by the time you get a slot into it there is not a lot of 'perimeter' left for decent strength.

Far better is to file flats and opposing sides of the shaft to use a shifter on that. I make them about 5mm long (three or four thread passes) and I guess about 1.5mm 'deep' - basically a bit deeper than the depth of the thread groove. It doesn't bother the nut threading past them, and is still 5mm or more away from the nut top once done up.
And this has negligible 'weakening' of the shaft tip, so it will never break (or shear off a side like a slot method can) and you can do up the nut tighter than you ever should need to, without slipping/rounding the shaft ever. It would crack the rotor hub, or strip the nut/thread, before the shaft rounded (which of course you should never get to that level anyway).
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