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Originally Posted by tracknoob View Post
I don't know anything about EDFs, or about this thread, or about the various participants.

HINT: The thing to do if you see test results that YOU think are questionable, is to conduct an experiment of YOUR OWN, and report any conflicting data, then try to resolve the conflicts in the two sets of data, if any. This is true ESPECIALLY if you are a vendor, and a competitor, not just an interested hobbyist with no financial stake in undermining other people's independent work and contribution.
However, it's clear that its not your process. Pity.
So why come in and comment on what you dont know?
Your second paragraph shows you did not read nor understand anything I was saying 3 pages ago as I was comparing 2 sets of data from the SAME Model.

To be clear, I was not "questioning" the results in the sense they are wrong, I was questioning the point of sucking another 500 watts in a small model for the sake of 1000 odd rpm.
I was questioning the efficiency of the setup...the reason why is because when an individual lectures in public about efficiency for a long time, and chastizes others on the topic, then goes and posts up an innefficient setup like its the norm, its fair for others to question this.

I did not attack anyone, I simply posted their figures that were at odds with each other and asked for the posters opinion.
And I wont be slandered by you or anyone else for asking questions, this is a public forum, you post up data then be prepared to discuss/explain/dispute it.
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