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MrClean I live in Burleson Tx just south of Ft Worth. Kelly Clarkson is from Burleson. She sorta put us on the map. My son went to school with her. I don't think I will be dropping it off but thanks for the compliment.

After getting my Spad adjusted it flys very well. Far better than my first Spad. At first it wanted to climb like crazy. I checked the incidence and found that the wing had about 2.5 degrees of positive. I cut the wing saddle and now the wing has about 3/4 degrees of positive incidence. Plus I shimmed the motor down about 3 degrees. Now power changes have very little effect on the pitch.

Its rock solid and the funnest plane I have to fly. Its all I want to fly. I fly it at about 70-75% power. Its not fast at full power but will climb steeply for a long time. The rudder/fin needs to be bigger. It refuses to spin. This would make a great trainer. I can fly it just over the runway and feed in up elevator till it just drops because the wing is stalled. It never drops a wing. Just settles straight down.

Most folks at the field have never seen a spad. Some have heard of them but I have the only one. You don't even see kit built planes very much. What a shame.
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