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Hi Glenn,
Thanks for the email. Good to have you along!
Day 4
Today I have spent most of the afternoon skinning the front section of the nose. Maybe a more skilled person than I would have managed to do it in far fewer pieces but I found the closer I got to the pointed end, the more manageable it was to skin in quadrants.
Once the bulk of the front end was skinned, I turned my attention to the cockpit area. With hindsight, it would have been far easier had I removed the cockpit ' bump' from the keel before I skinned so that I could have wrapped the 3mm Depron round without having to stop for the cockpit. After spending the best part of an hour studying the 3 view drawing, printed out 3 x A4 tiles of the cockpit area (to scale) so that it would be easier for me to work out the former shapes.
It was reasonably straight forward to get the shapes and the curved underside of the formers was easy to get right because I still had the depron off-cuts of the fuselage formers from that area which I used as a template.
The faithful Ipad came in handy here because I was able to refer to many different photo angles of Vulcans that are to be found on the internet like the one in picture 1.
The windscreen is an area of the Vulcan that is very distinctive. Windows almost like square portholes which I really did want to reproduce. I found some quite stiff acetate sheeting (packaging from some drill bits) which had a yellowish tint to it but should do the trick. After measuring and trimming, I scored the acetate to allow it to bend in the flat window style of the vulcan. Before I glued it in place, I painted the inside of the cockpit area black. I used contact adhesive on the acetate so as to avoid any 'blooming' which CA causes.
All that was left for me to do then was measure cut and fit some 3mm depron window frames over the top of the acetate to give the glazing a bit of depth rather than just paint the window frames on the acetate. I painted the frames green before fitting so as to avoid getting paint all over the windows. Pleasing results.
Oh and finally, for reference, I have used one sheet of 6mm Depron (700mmx1000mm) and half of a sheet of 3mm (700 x 1000) to get me to this stage.
Getting a bit late now so have just finished going around all the joints with lightweight filler so that it'll be dry in the morning ready for me to crack on once again. So, for now...........
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