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Originally Posted by Udonsushi View Post
Can anybody tell me what do i have to do to flip
It? Im a new flyer and i can do anything apart from
Before trying your first flip, I would make sure that your motor and batteries are in top condition. If in doubt, use new ones. In any case, the flip should be tried within the first 2 minutes of flight.

Firstly, the heli should be in stunt mode. It is best to use a flat 100% throttle curve for both idle 1 or Idle 2. Forward flips are the easiest to do and this is what I would recommend for beginners

1. With the heli in stunt mode, fly it to a height of 30 ft and enter into a tail-in hover
2. Open up the throttle and apply full forward elevator once the heli has climbed a bit.
3. Now gradually pull the throttle stick down as the heli enter an inverted position.
4. As soon as it is past the inverted position, pull the throttle stick up again.

The idea is to enter and exit the flip in the same position but this is extremely difficult to do. Also make sure that you do at it at some distance from yourself as it is quite easy to mis-time and hit yourself in the process.
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