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Originally Posted by headlessagain View Post
I added a cut down plastic spoon to either side of the existing motor cooling holes. It helps ram some air in there and can prevent the prop from fouling the canopy when it folds. One mod I never got round to doing was adding an exit hole at the highest point of the canopy. ...Andy
That was my treatment too -- revisit:

[Edit:] Meant to add that, my plan was to measure efficacy of these vents using my EagleTree system with temperature probes on LiPo, ESC & Motor. (Recall charts I posted showing "before" readings, where surprised at how heat on all 3 elements just builds & builds, rather than building up & cooling off when motor stops)....which showed the heat is being held in there with the as-supplied 'venting'. But alas, my 'fatal crash' came on the very first flight to gather some 'After' data for comparison, so never got proof One day, some day.........

Instead of highest point, my theory* is you're better off placing exhaust vents behind that point (again, see pic in linked post above) so you get benefit of venturi effect pulling air out. Note that you're kind've limited for space to place those vents as, the forward section of the wing mounting comes into play at the rear. I'd liked to have been able to place the exhaust even further rearwards.

*Emphasis on 'theory' - I'd love to hear thoughts, or arguments against.

One last note. It might've been in this thread, can't remember but, I read somewhere recently a good reminder -- that exhaust venting should be twice or more the diameter of intake venting to be most effective. I believe that's good advice.
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